Global Consulting

Internationalization projects
In recent years, the business of our region, and nation has been able to undertake internationalization projects that demonstrate the strength and potential to grow and reach every corner of the world.

But, being honest, the fact remains that there is still much to be done. Spain, Arag?n, Huesca? have a serious problem on the scale of business. SMEs are smaller, and this, logically, it?s a mortgage when undertaking projects of a certain size beyond our borders.

Choose the strategy, assess risks, see the opportunities and trace the work path are key actions in the future of our companies. This serves both national and international. Many companies are renewing their strategy based on the challenges and opportunities in international markets. That?s where Acinonyx wants to work.

Our main asset are people

Acinonyx aims to create concentric circles that facilitate the development of different business activities and sectoral synergies from each other to grow together. Endogenous resources of a territory are not the main asset. Your main assets are people, their knowledge, their will. At the current juncture of economic, social and cultural globalization is the amount of effort that success possible in our business.

Act as an actor in the process of internationalization

Acinonyx, analysing the market situation and the potential that our business has, is willing to cooperate to the success of business and personal efforts that have been undertaken or that can be channelled in the near future. For this work philosophy, we pretend to share risks and opportunities acting in the process of internationalization: From the Project design to wherever our client wants to go.