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With solid technology and strategies.


The key to success is to get an X-ray, as faithful as possible, of the situation of our company. If we know our limitations, we can overcome them. Sometimes it?s not just to export, but to see what changes we introduce in our company to do it successfully. Export entails new efforts, commitment and energy are the key to reach the destination designed. Once we know our strengths and weaknesses, we developed the Strategic Plan.

Guide where we develop our future actions clearly by defining three basic aspects of our internationalization project: scope, time and cost. Without clear and measurable goals, we cannot advance. Study of markets, countries where there are opportunities to grow in sales, promotion and participation in fairs and events, non-tariff barriers, logistics, local partners, distribution system, marketing, payment guarantees ? are perfectly defined and essential steps. Internal analysis of the company.

  • Determination of actual targets.
  • Strategic Plan.
  • Plan of Action.
  • Implementation Actions.
  • Control / Audit.

Going outside our country means a financial effort. The definition of a specific financial plan to participate with our customers in the design of the most competitive financial structure and risk elimination.

We also offer the opportunity to participate in investment projects abroad to companies or investors wishing to diversify their risks, accessing business opportunities in third countries. Our experience supports that with a cleared mind, severity and professionalism we can overcome any difficulties.

  • International Finance Plan
    • Fund Management FIEM
    • Financial Ratio of Official Entities
    • Private Sector
  • Investment Funds
  • International Funds. Projects in the country
    • World Bank
    • European Development Bank.

The economic crisis that has affected us both, has brought the need to resort to foreign markets given the slowdown in consumption in our country. It has happened before, perhaps because of lack of culture of internationalization and the superadded efforts involved, after a new economic recovery exports have again reduced. We understand the international market as an inseparable part of our business.

We flee from eventuality. Find a market in order to wait for ?the storm to clear? brings dire consequences for our companies. Opportunities do existe, yes Existen oportunidades, but we need to design very well what we want and seek the means to achieve it. Create, sustain and consolidate are basics in every process of internationalization. Therein lies one of the keys to success.

  • Analysis of the destination country. Eligibility criteria.
  • Analysis of viable markets.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Search Local Partners.
  • Distributor negotiation. Sales network.
  • Country Administrative documentation.
  • Participation in local projects.

It is well known the great changes that have occurred over the past decade in the field of new technologies. What is coming it will be a development of all these advances in the different areas of our lives. Health, education, leisure, security ? and of course: commerce. We need tools that increase our efficiency and make us more competitive. These tools, in principle, can make us more competitive. From Acinonyx we develop tools designed to suit the needs of the companies achieving greater efficiency and at the same time, customer loyalty.

  • Customer Centric, Digital transformation and new IT
  • IOT. Internet of things
  • Smart cities
  • Big Data
  • E-commerce
  • Development of solutions

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.”
Lewis Caroll.