Wine cellar

Internationalization process. When the domestic market reduces consumption, the opportunity to export is presented as a possible solution. In this occasion, several issues had to be resolved prior to the internationalization process. It is a very common problem for Spanish companies to think that the national market patterns are comparable to those of the exterior. To have a good Strategy you may have to start by having a Strategy as a company. Going outside the country means no less effort. Take the whole company in the same direction, accept that there will be hard times and be willing to make changes in the organization, product and marketing. In the case before us there have been more difficulties than originally planned.


Distinct views of the partners, the restructuring of the company, lack of a Strategic Plan in the medium term and lack of knowledge of its real clientele delayed the Project. Today, this winery, sells its wines in China and from China has begun the leap to other countries in Southeast Asia with great potential for growth.

  • Client Bodegas Consejo de la Alta
  • Date 9 November, 2016
  • Tags Industry

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