Working in emerging markets
Acinonyx was established as an International Group based in Barbastro, Madrid, Barcelona and London. Create a business platform to operate in the international market. Search and continuous analysis of emerging markets is a key factor in the development of our companies.

Union makes force

We understand that the union of efforts among top professionals is a guarantee to take the internationalization of the company and to provide services to entrepreneurs of our territory. The provision of Offices in Barbastro, Barcelona, Madrid and London meets the needs of experts to adapt each project to achieve the end sought.

Sort the house from the inside

Perhaps in some cases you must start with “tiding the house from the inside” as the best guarantee of the jump that is to assume the challenges of a true and lasting internationalization.

International markets

Have keys that are unknown to us and everything is based on trust and reliability of operators.
The growth potential is marked by our ability in the administration and management of available resources and not by the luck of the business.



Business opportunities are the result of work and perseverance in exploring solutions for sustained growth. We seek technological innovation involving real added value to the production of our companies. ?The development of technologically advanced products is a guarantee of having conditions and working tools that allow us to be competitive in a global market.


The modus operandi is based on trust between the parties. The reliability of the negotiations. The perfect definition of the scope of the proposed projects and the availability of Acinonyx to take the risks and opportunities that every project involves alongside our client / partner.


Acinonyx leads projects which can provide knowledge, added value and guarantee for success. For that we create alliances between companies in different territories that might match their interests.


Cornerstones of the Strategic Plan for Internationalization:

  1. Competitiveness.
  2. Financing.
  3. Information.
  4. Skilled human capital.